Environmental Practices


In 1997, the Port constructed an eight-tank above-ground fueling facility to provide fixed base operators with a safer method of storing fuel and eliminating the possibility of contamination from spills. Additional controlled catch basins connected to the main drainage system further ensure that spilled contaminants will not reach the underground aquifer.


Currently the use of chemicals for aircraft or taxiway deicing is not authorized as a result of compliance with the City of Tumwater’s aquifer protection standards.

Materials Handling

The Port recently invested in a program to update and maintain its materials safety data sheets. This program aids staff in the safe handling and storage of chemicals they use in the course of their jobs.

Integrated Pest Management Policy

The Port has an integrated pest management (IPM) policy that requires all staff and personnel directly or indirectly involved in vegetation and pest management to be aware of and comply with all legal requirements pertinent to these activities. The policy also provides administrative guidelines for staff and committees that are indirectly involved with vegetation and pest management. A copy of this policy is available by request from the Port’s administrative office by calling 360.528.8000.