Corporate Aviation

This development area has runway/taxiway access, and is reserved for uses dependent on airside access. Customers siting in these development areas range from individuals to corporations with high-performance turboprop and turbojet aircraft.

A broad mix of uses is allowed in the corporate aviation development area, excluding residential. The defining criteria for allowable uses in this area are the extent to which they are dependent on access to the runway and the type and size of aircraft operations.

The buildings should define the professional quality of the district. Architectural details are dependent on:
  • Aircraft type and size
  • Building restriction lines designated by the airport layout plan (ALP)
  • Dimensional standards outlined in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular 150/5300-13 (series) Airport Design
  • Scale of the development (single hangar vs. multi-hangar complex)
Building design should be consistent with accepted industry design standards and FAA-approved building materials. Landscaping and short, utility friendly shade trees and landscaped berms should only be considered outside the air operations area. Use of existing trees in landside landscaping is preferred consistent with City of Tumwater ordinance. Entrance canopies and plazas should be used to delineate the office / landside entrance. The Peninsula Properties building is 1 example for the architectural and landscaping character for this type area.

Office buildings, when separate, should be oriented toward the vehicle access; hangars should be oriented toward the taxiways. Combination office / hangar complexes are common to the industry and are authorized. Parking should be located to the side and rear of the buildings and interconnected parking lots are encouraged where feasible. Development of these sites should generally have 2 orientations - 1 to the taxiway and the other to the roadway. Placement of buildings generally shall separate vehicle and airplane activities.

Airport security should play a significant role in determining facility layout and design. Setbacks and aircraft object-free areas vary depending on the taxiway or taxi lane type and the specific type of hangar development. Details are outlined during the City of Tumwater design review process and the creation of a binding site plan.