Cascade Pole

In 1990, the Department of Ecology, Port of Olympia and Cascade Pole Company (CPC) entered into an agreement to remediate the 17-acre former CPC site and adjacent parcels of land owned by the Port of Olympia. The remediation activities were to include:
  • Installation of a sheet pile and slurry wall to contain contaminants on site.
  • An on-site pumping and treatment system to remove contaminants from groundwater.
  • Excavation and containment of contaminated soils and sediments.
  • Capping of upland areas and replacement of offshore sediments.
From 1930 to 1957, numerous wood-treating companies leased this land from the Port. The companies used chemicals to preserve wood products such as utility poles and railroad ties. From 1957 until 1986, CPC operated a wood treatment facility on the site. These activities resulted in both the upland and offshore contamination that was remediated to meet Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) standards.

Since the initial effort, the Port replaced and upgraded the on-site water treatment system and invested in capital projects required by Ecology. In the future, the upland site will be redeveloped as part of the Port's marine terminal and marina support areas, and shoreline public access will be provided.

Treatment Plant

Cascade Pole Plant

Capped Upland

Cascade Pole Site-Current

For More Information

More information about the Cascade Pole Company remediation effort is available on the Department of Ecology's website.