New Market Industrial Campus Master Plan

About the Real Estate Master Plan

Combined with the Olympia Regional Airport, the Port of Olympia owns 1,540 acres of real estate in Tumwater. Not since the 1980s has the Port examined the existing conditions, market opportunities, and the long-term development potential of its real estate in Tumwater outside of the airport. The master plan, developed between 2015 and 2018, will assist the Port and the community with siting development opportunities within the 550 acres on the Port-owned New Market Industrial Campus (NMIC) and Tumwater Town Center (TTC) properties.

Completion of the final draft plan was delayed due to revisions to the project’s scope of work. The plan development team fulfilled a stakeholder and public participation process visioning a full-build scenario. After consultation with the City of Tumwater, a final draft plan focusing on a 20-year planning horizon that complements the Tumwater Comprehensive Plan was developed. 

Next Steps

Environmental Review

The next major consideration before the Port of Olympia Commission is to conduct an environmental review of the plan in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The environmental review of this plan, as a non-project action by the port, will precede adoption by the Commission. 

Incorporation into Port Policy

Upon fulfillment of an environmental review, the final plan will be put forward to the Port of Olympia Commission for adoption and incorporating of its technical findings and recommendations into existing Port documents, specifically the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements.